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Prairie Village, KS


Over the course of time many people in Kansas City have taken to calling Prairie Village "Perfect Village";  why would someone jokingly say this... it truly is a fabulous place to live & in many ways "Perfect"!  For full disclosure, my wife (Megan Bubb Cribb) and I (Chris Cribb) have been proud residents of Prairie Village for six years and chose it out of many great options in Kansas City as the perfect place to raise a family (we have two awesome little girls, Ellie 4.5 years old & Rosie - 8 months) that currently attend Country Club Christian Church (61st & Ward Parkway - great day program for kids 6 months + to 5 years old) and this fall Ellie will graduate to kindergarten in the fall at Belinder Elementary in the award winning Shawnee Mission School District.   

One, we make our home here in Prairie Village.  :)

Two, we have our central offices / team & base for KC real estate here in Prairie Village. 

The Bubb Cribb Team @ ReeceNichols) offices are on State Line Road at 7600 State Line Road in Prairie Village, KS.  Our team works in all parts of Kansas City, from my roots in the KC Northland area, to Megan spending time south of 119th St. for her circles of influence from The Barstow School or Eric working with his connections downtown with Rotary Club 13 we need to be in a central location to access many parts of the city (and so do plenty of other Prairie Village residents), with a short car ride of around 15 minutes you can get to a huge part of the KC Metro:  Country Club Plaza, Overland Park, Downtown KC, Midtown / Crossroads,  Lee's Summit, The Truman Sports Complex... you get the picture!

During the Fall of 2015 we purchased and renovated a home in the  7200 block of the Prairie Hills subdivision on High Drive, this home was our third location in "The Village" and we couldn't be happier!  As an active member of the HOA  for Prairie Hills it is with much pride that I state we in Prairie Village have some great features such as:

  • Safe / Well Maintained  & an active neighborhood - you are safe and secure.
  • We have great schools in PVKS!  With the public school system of Shawnee Mission & the crown jewel in SMSD - Shawnee Mission School District, most would consider to be Shawnee Mission East High School and the great elementary / secondary schools that feed into SME.  Prairie Village does have some parts and locations that attend other schools in the Shawnee Mission District, but the majority of the footprint is under the high school umbrella of Shawnee Mission East.  If private or a religion affiliated school are a desired option, the central location gives you plenty of options to explore - Rockhurst High School or Notre Dame De Sion are close options 10 minutes South or North as examples.
  • There are outstanding amenities very close by, local grocery stores, many gourmet to everyday dining options, country clubs, workout facilities, and community parks around every corner.
  • When the weather in KC is good, I love this town!  :)  We choose to live in Prairie Village because our family is comfortable with the city and neighborhoods...  our daughters can riding their bikes in the street / sidewalks at any time,  we can take a short walk to  go to one of the many close parks or shopping centers and as a foodie / wine collector I have some great culinary treats to also turn you on to!

If you are interested in learning more about what you can do for a renovation in Prairie Village, please take a look at our BLOG:

BEFORE & AFTER - The Finished Renovation - 7208 High Drive, Prairie Village #HomeMakeOver By The Bubb Cribb Team

One good place to start for additional information about "Perfect Village" is the City of Prairie Village Website.  This will get you some of the basic stats if you are considering moving in from out of town, population size, different resources available to residents, home owners associations, local parks, history and much more!

Prairie Village Real Estate - January 2016 Update

As both a Zillow 5 Star Premier Agent & Neighborhood Specialist in Prairie Village & Local Residents - The Bubb Cribb Team knows this area, neighborhood nuances, and are here to be your top resource for buying and selling in Prairie Village!  Let's start our Prairie Village real estate & neighborhood journey with the facts: what i selling, how quickly, for how much, what isn't selling, what are the trends & where is the OPPORTUNITY!


Please find below details showing the statistics and activity from the calendar year of 2015 into 2016.  Three major items to consider...

  • Inventory in Prairie Village is LOW - Way Low - With ONLY have 2 months of inventory to sell & a market equilibrium normalized point of 6 months we have a... Sellers Market in this area (as of Jan. 2016).  The interest rates are also currently at a historically low point and the best since Sept / Oct. of 2015 (less than 4% on average), allowing Buyers to achieve low monthly mortgage rates and to gain equity from the large appreciation in the area.
  • The KC market is forecast, specifically Prairie Village / Johnson County, is poised for a 6% home appreciation for the calendar year of 2016.  What does that mean exactly?  An illustrative example:  if you buy a $250,000 house today at low market interest rates, one year from now it is due to appraise for $265,000 without you sinking in another dollar (but keeping it up).  For more detail and a full report on the 2016 Kansas City Market Forecast - Please review this interesting article from Wichita State University.  

Prairie Village Neighborhoods - HOA's

The homes associations in Prairie Village (mostly) each have a website that describes their "subdivision", details about area, number of residents & much more - please click on the links below to access each.  

In addition, their are some areas in Prairie Village that do not have specific Homes Association websites and / or are not covered by a specific subdivision; for more information about those and to see an interactive map of the entire area go to:  

Prairie Village Homes Associations Map